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30 Ways to Encourage Student Writers — Alphabetically Speaking

30 Ways to Encourage Student Writers — Alphabetically Speaking

If you were a fly on my classroom wall you would see and hear me offering the following suggestions to teachers & parents (when asked) in an effort to encourage (reluctant) writers both in the classroom & at home … alphabetically speaking that is.


30 Ways:

1.   Authenticity – make it real & relevant

2.   Be an artist: draw stories and ideas first

3.   Brainstorming & pre-writing ideas – take the time; enjoy & play!  

4.   Break activities down into bite sized, manageable pieces

5.   Clear instructions – help to guide them

6.   Create cool, comfortable writing nooks/spaces

7.   Dear Diary – a personal journal; a personal space just for them

8.   Editing checklists – have them on hand

9.   Encourage creativity – whatever this means to each individual child

10.   Fan letters – Who are they “crushing on”? or in awe of? a singer? an athlete? an actor? Write a letter!

11.   Fun Materials – colourful pens & pencils, fancy/cool paper, notebooks, diaries, etc.

12.  Give topic suggestions & ideas

13. Hot Penning – http://www.annburnett.co.uk/hot_penning.html

14. Keep a writer’s journal/notebook – play with it

15. Letter Writing – write to a friend, a grandparent, a pen pal, etc.

16.  Make lists – grocery shopping lists, travel lists, guest lists, wish lists, birthday lists, gift lists, etc.

17.  Model, Model, Model – let them see you writing

18. Music – music & lyrics can inspire pieces of writing

19. Notes – pass notes back and forth

20.  Personal experiences and meaningful memories are good starting points

21. Pictures/Photos can inspire a piece

22. Plan, plan, plan – make sure that you/they have a plan

23. Postcards – short and sweet and fun

24. Provide opportunities to publish & share pieces

25.  Purposeful writing – helps to encourage and guide

26.  Role-playing prior to writing

27.  Share & Suggest – share & suggest ideas – help to get them going

28.   Share & Pen – do some of them writing for/with them

29. Use technology

30.  Visualization techniques

Writing Tools for Grade 5

Writing in the Grade 5 Classroom: 

I was asked by a new teacher to share just a few of my “well used” writing resources
for Grade 5 ….
If you were a fly on my classroom wall you would see me “logging onto” these sites quite often!

Hope you find them useful as well.

PS I would LOVE to read about some of your favourite sites as well of course!

Writer’s Workshop Resources
*“Writing Fun” (excellent for use with a Smart Board): http://www.writingfun.com
*5th Grade – The Writing Process (Many excellent resources): http://bit.ly/lx8clz
*Excellent: Six Traits of Writing: http://bit.ly/383tf
*Six Traits of Writing: Lots to look at here: http://writing.pppst.com/6traits.html
*Great Educational Games:http://www.gameclassroom.com/5th-grade
* Editing & Revision Ideas: bit.ly/pR2Cf6

2 On Line Resources
*Yahoo Kids: Online Dictionary: http://bit.ly/1d2iZ9
 *Visual Thesaurus: http://www.wordsift.com