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The Dynamic Duo – My Social Media PD Superheroes

The Dynamic Duo – My Social Media PD Superheroes
Part I – Twitter
(Part II – http://pinterest.com)

With regard to professional and personal development I am always looking for the practical, the applicable, the relevant, the personal, the inspirational, the progressive.

& so … I addition to all of the wonderful teachers that I have met on my journey as an educator, there is no more of a Dynamic Duo for me today than Twitter & Pinterest. They are my PD Superheroes

These Superheroes make me feel welcome within a community of learners who inspire me to be a better teacher … they make me want to look at what I do every day in new ways. These two social media superheroes show me what’s possible, point me in new directions and make me want to do better – they show me what’s possible, doable, workable, valuable. They are organic, flexible and progressive. They are always growing, changing, and moving forward.

For today’s post: I will focus on Twitter.
To that end I have decided to share why I love Twitter below (alphabetically speaking).
* & If you aren’t already on Twitter I encourage you to take some time to play with it …. to see what’s really out there and available to you for free, 24-7.


Why I love Twitter Alphabetically Speaking:

Answering questions – Twitter gives me that opportunity to share ideas and things that have inspired me and worked for me – I love giving back.

Asking questions – Twitter is like a crystal ball: Once I post a question, suggestions, answers & opinions come flooding in from all over the globe.

Blogs – I have come across & bookmarked so many amazing blogs.

Brief – ther very nature of Twitter necessitates that questions & responses are short and sweet – we are forced to get to the point 😉

Building relationships – I have met so many amazing individuals through Twitter – I truly value these relationships – I laugh & learn every day.

Conferences – I have found out about and followed (mostly using hashtags) so many amazing conferences world-wide.

Easy – I love how easy it is to find and manage what I am looking for or want to share.


Free – Need I say more? 😉

Flattening walls – Twitter is an international, global community. It knows no bounds 😉

Hashtags – These are a great way to follow a community.

Information – It’s limitless.

Instant feedback / real time – … because time is of the essence.

Learning Curve – My learning curve is now ridiculous and I love it!

PD – Twitter is my first choice for PD.

PLN – I love my PLN!!!!!

Sharing – It’s all out there for me to grab: links, ideas, sites, pictures, courses, etc.

Webinars – I have found, attended and learned from so many amazing Webinars
as suggested by my PLN.

Websites – I have found, bookmarked and learned from so many amazing Blogs as suggested by my PLN.
5 Twitter Notes:

Characters – Twitter only allows 140 characters per post

Dictionary – Not sure what’s being said? Try these Twitter dictionaries: http://bit.ly/iBmGa & http://bit.ly/iBmGa

Hashtags – Use hashtags to find groups/people to follow, learn from, be inspired by and share with.

Numbers – Don’t pay attention to the numbers – it doesn’t matter how many people you follow or how many people are following you; it’s all about the experience, and what you want to get from it.

Purpose – In the beginning it’s a good idea to determine why you are on Twitter and focus … you can always expand later 😉

URLs – use Bit.ly (for example) to shorten URLs

P.S. Another wonderful Twitter-based outcome is that sharing and learning so much also helps to make me feel good about what’s already taking place in my classroom … and this can be quite empowering.
You see what I have experienced first hand is that feeling good about my current role in the classroom makes me feel good about me, which in turn empowers me. It gives me the confidence to move forward, ask questions, take risks, play with ideas and try new things. I really do want to grow and learn … to become even better.
(This doesn’t mean of course that I don’t have many moments of insecurity & doubt … I am only human after all 😉


What’s on your “Wish List”?

My Wish List for the Immediate Future
Today I am going to make three wishes for the immediate future as relates to teaching in my world.
What’s on your wish list?

1. A continued greater emphasis on and sharing of 21st Century skills – kids developing real world skills and making real world connections. We are global citizens.

2. A conscious shift from current classroom configurations, toward more child-friendly spaces (e.g. furniture, floor plans, accessories, lighting, etc.) that allow for greater movement, alternative work spaces and choice …. that cater to a range of learning styles, and that foster creativity and collaboration.

3. A regular time scheduled into my work week for reflection upon teaching practices and to stay current with regard trends in education and resources. I would love for example, more time during the work week  to collaborate with and benefit from the expertise of teachers, administrators and in-house specialists. I wish that I had more time and resources to take full advantage of on-line learning opportunities by attending webinars (which often take place during the day), reading blogs, participating in online forums and otherwise connecting with professionals.  Currently, this all happens outside of work hours between planning and marking and parent contacts. I do it (a lot!), I love it(!), it’s necessary and it’s really worth(!) it but it is time consuming. … and even though I spend a lot of time doing the above I know that there’s so much more that I want to share and learn!