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A Quick Blog & List For Teachers: Organizational Ideas & Strategies in the Classroom

A Quick Blog & List For Teachers: Organizational Ideas & Strategies in the Classroom

If you were a fly on my classroom wall you would see that I spend a significant amount of time focussed on teaching organizational skills and on creating an organized environment.  
I hope that you find the following list useful. Take from it what you will .. & I would love to hear ideas and strategies from other!


A Quick List: Organizational Ideas & Strategies in the Classroom

  1. Teach student how to organize their “world” (e.g. books, desks, lockers, homework, etc.) – don’t assume that they know how. Reinforce strategies daily.
  2. As the teacher show that you value organization.
  3. Model an organized “way” & classroom – model strategies.
  4. Set high/consistent standards for organization.
  5. Have firmly established rules, routines and schedules – post them in a highly visible place.
  6. Post a class calendar for all to see.
  7. Post all homework & due dates.
  8. First thing every morning have students hand in their homework & place a ruler, pencil, eraser and a highlighter on their desks before heading out for morning recess.
  9. Prepare for the next class (e.g. books, binders, pencils on desks) before heading out for recess, music, Library, etc.
  10. Have a place for everything & keep everything in its place.
  11. Colour code duotangs and binders.
  12. Pool resources (e.g. paper, binders, pencils, etc.) and hand out as needed.
  13. Use cutlery trays from the dollar store to organize writing utensils, glue sticks, scissors, etc. in desks.
  14. Conduct regular binder and desk checks.
  15. Use dividers and folders.
  16. Provide students with agendas (& teach them how to use them effectively) within which to record homework, assignment due dates, tests, any special days at school, etc.
  17. Ensure that students have homework buddy – someone to call in a pinch.
  18. Remind children not to rush – take the time to do things well the first time.
  19. Help students break assignments down into manageable units.
  20. Teach students to use highlighters & post-it notes effectively.
  21. Teach homework and study strategies.
  22. Schedule in a time to “organize” at the end of every day.
  23. Never “rush”.
  24. Be mindful.
  25. Make organization a habit.