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“See – Say – Sign – Share” – A Whole Class Memory Strategy

“See – Say – Sign – Share”:
“Cheer/Chants”- A Whole Class Memory Strategy

If you were a fly on my classroom wall you would at times walk in to see children performing “Cheer/Chants” in order to memorize/further engrain strategies, steps or information.

Cheer/Chants are great because students are involved in the creative component of the process and therefore feel a sense of ownership (they are also more likely to remember what has been taught/practiced as a result).

& so in a nut shell here are the steps.

Enjoy & have fun!

“See – Say – Sign – Share”:
“Cheer/Chants”- A Whole Class Memory Strategy

1. See –  See the teacher deliver a lesson e.g. How to read numbers in the billions. How to perform long division. The States of matter & change. Engage in hands on activities as relates to the topic. Explore, play and ensure for understanding.

2. See the teacher lay out the information or steps in point form.

3. Say – See & say the steps along with the teacher. Repeat several times. Have fun with it. Be enthusiastic. Again, ensure for understanding.

4. Sign – As a group create actions (movements, sign language, etc.) to accompany the steps or information – think “1/2 American Sign Language, 1/2 Cheer Leader”.

5.Say & Sign – Now say the steps and perform the actions as a class – super fun!

6. Share – Shout “1-2-3-Share!” and have students turn to a preassigned buddy to share (explain) what they have learned.

*P.S. This process will of course take place over the course of several class periods.