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Edmodo & Role Playing

If you were a fly on my classroom wall you would see us using Edmodo quite a bit.

My favourite way to use Edmodo is in a role playing capacity.
For example, this year I created a group specifically for our novel, The Egypt Game. I pretended to be the main character, April and wrote letters back and forth to students. It was so much fun and really helped to bring the novel to life.
Here is one example:

Dear Grade 5s,

I feel like it has been forever since we have written to each other!
I miss you guys.
Anyway, I guess you know by now that a lot of weird things are happening in The Land of Egypt … but never mind that.
Lately I’ve been thinking about the fact that life isn’t always fair. Like, I am mad at my mum for leaving me with my grandmother … even though I am starting to like Caroline and have made some great friends here (finally!).
I guess I just need some advice.
Do you think that life’s always fair? What do you do when you get upset because things don’t seem fair.
I could sure use your help!
Lots of love,
PS Can you keep writing long letters? I get lonely and bored and they help. Thanks again.

Here is one response/example:

Dear April,
I agree that life is not always fair but I don’t really care. When something happens that I don’t think is fair, which happens a lot, usually I don’t over react and I just keep myself calm so I don’t have a fit. When something really unfair happens, I try to talk to someone to try to make it fair and if that doesn’t work, I just say aaauuurgh and walk away. To get my mind off of it I just play a game or read a book and then I just forget about it. Things like that happen to me all the time. it just doesn’t look that way but it does because I usually keep my temper under control.

I have also used it for other subjects, like Science.
This term we are studying “Conservation of Energy”. I have created a persona (a Senior Researcher) and we have written a few letters back and forth.
Here is one example of an open letter to the group “EcoTeam”:

Dear Grade 5 Students,
My name is Dr. B. Pensif,
According to your teacher, this term you are learning about our environment and conservation of energy. I would very much like to be a part of your studies in order to further develop my own research practices.
One project that I have been assigned to, is that of building an environmentally sound amusement park for children. The group would like to run the park on either solar or wind energy.
Which one would you choose and why? Are there any drawbacks?
Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration of this matter.
Dr. B. Pensif
Senior Researcher

Response/One Example:

Dear Dr.Pensif,
I would be pleased to help to help you you with this decision, my name is *** but you can call me Pug Lover. Here are some ups and downs of wind and solar power. Wind power is free but it is noisy, it spoils landscapes, its not always windy and some people think wind turbines are ugly. On the other hand, solar power is also free and it also doesn’t have those disadvantages. It has other ones like it is not always sunny, they are expensive and some people also think they are ugly. Anyway those are some ups and downs of wind and solar.
If I were in your shoes I would choose solar power.
From Pug Lover

Anyway, this has been a ton of fun!
How do you use Edmodo in the classroom?


P.S. I am very fortunate to have 1:1 iPads in the classroom this year, which has made for a very exciting and engaging Grade 5 experience!

Edmodo in the Grade 5 Classroom

Edmodo in the Grade 5 Classroom

Edmodo in the classroom makes good sense for so many reasons …
If you were a fly on my classroom wall you would see and hear me promoting its use for so many reasons … there are so many opportunities, so many “things” that it can bring to the classroom experience … here are just a few of them (alphabetically speaking).

Alphabetically Speaking –
From “A” to “V”

  • address/recognize different learning styles
  • alternative opportunity to communicate
  • back channel discussions
  • blog
  • book clubs
  • communication with parents
  • communities connect
  • complete assignments
  • connect with students
  • connect with other teachers
  • create book files/lists
  • create quizzes
  • differentiated instruction – create groups
  • digital backpacks
  • digital libraries
  • engagement
  • exercising personal responsibility
  • flipped classroom
  • ecourage, teach and promote the use of 21st Century skills
  • grading
  • global collaboration
  • group collaboration
  • integrate technology
  • join communities
  • learn about social media and the internet in a safe & secure environment
  • links to PPP
  • manage grades & assignments
  • mobile learning
  • parent code
  • polls
  • post daily assignments
  • post messages
  • post positive feedback to students
  • post positive feedback between students
  • post rubrics
  • project based learning
  • record field trips
  • role play : e.g. accounts for main characters in novels
  • scavenger hunts
  • see assignments
  • see grades
  • share and discuss resources
  • shares ideas
  • share videos
  • share projects
  • social networking
  • study groups
  • turn in/post assignments for viewing/grading
  • unit overviews
  • upgrade classroom communication
  • upload files
  • upload audio files
  • view lecture notes
  • view/make up missed lessons/work
  • vocabulary development
  • Note …. I also love Edmodo because:

1. It is safe & secure
2. Students don’t need an email address
3. It’s easy to use
4. It’s free