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Easy Games to Play at Home or in the Classroom at a Moments Notice

Easy Games to Play at Home or in the Classroom at a Moments Notice
(With little or no materials …)

If you were a fly on my classroom wall
you would see these games being played n the classroom throughout the school year. Enjoy!

(Please note that these games are just for fun &  some are clearly more appropriate for the school yard or the home … )


*Broken telephone
*Memory game: Show children a number of items on a tray. Cover the tray. Have students record as many items as they can remember. Who is able to remember the most?
*Bubble gum blowing contest: Who can blow the biggest bubble?
*Cracker Whistle: Give children three crackers. On the count of three chew the crackers. The first child to whistle is the winner.
*Egg & spoon replay race. Place an egg on a spoon and run! Don’t drop it 😉
*Feather Race: Each person gets a feather (or have a relay race). Place the feather on the floor and blow it across to the other side of the room. The first person to cross the finish line wins!
*Opposite Simon Says. Play Simon Says, the added challenge being that the children have to do the opposite of what Simon Says!
*Balloon relay race: In teams of two: Place a balloon between two people’s shoulders and have them run as fast as they can without dropping the balloon.
*Shoe Toss: Who can throw a shoe the farthest? (Yes! It’s as simple as that!)
*Snowball Fight: Two teams. Everyone crumples up three pieces of paper form the recycling bin. Use a skipping rope to create a dividing line down the middle of the room. On the count of three students toss their “snowballs” onto the other side of the room for 30 seconds. If it snowball lands on “your side” pick it up and throw it back! The side with the fewest number of snowballs wins. Wonderfully exhausting!
*Musical chairs
*Paper planes. Give each student a piece of paper form the recycling bin. Have them make their own paper airplanes. You can award points for longest flight, further flight, or coming closest to a mark.
*Basketball. Two teams. Each student makes a “basketball” out of paper from the recycling bin. Place two “baskets” in the middle of the floor. Have students stand back. Now throw! The first team to get the most baskets wins!
*Talk-Talk: Stand opposite another student. “On your mark – get set – go!” See who can talk the longest … no pausing! No uhms! Lots of giggles! Whoever wins form the pair now “talks against” the winner from another pair.
*Story round robin. Sit in a circle. You start the story, “Once upon a time ….” after 30 seconds the next person in the circle continues on with the story … and so on, and so on, and so on!
*Last Letter, First Letter: Sit in a circle. The teacher says a word. The next student in the circle must say a word that begins with the last letter of the previous word. Keep going. When someone makes a mistake he/she must sit out.
*Making words: Write random letters, a long word or a saying (e.g. “Happy New Year”) on the board. Students must make as many different words as possible using only the letters that appear in the word(s) on the board. Set the time. The student who makes the most words wins.
*Pictionnary (on the board)
*Taboo (teacher assigns the “word”)



Have a peek at this site for additional ideas!!! —-> http://ht.ly/62YQw

Note: One idea for keeping track of games and ideas … and keeping them on hand:
Fishing for Fun
Grab a fish bowl. Bring it into the classroom and create a creative sign that reads “Fishing for Fun”. Every time you think of a game to play or an actvity write it on a cue card/slip of paper and place it into the fishbowl. So now, on those days when you have an extra ten minutes to spare reward a student by giving him/her the opportunity to reach in and pull out a game or activity from the fish bowl!  Voila!