#5thchat on Twitter!

Please join a group of passionate, open-minded educators on Twitter for a 60 minute chat on topics chosen by you!

Use the #5thchat hashtag, and join us every Tuesday at 8P.M. (est).

We are “#5thchat”!

Who are we?

  • A passionate group
  • People interested in chatting about  topics in education, especially as they relate to Grade 5
  • People who enjoy learning & sharing with one another – supporting & creating partnerships worldwide!  

Want to participate?

  • Fantastic! Simply enter #5thchat on Twitter every Tuesday at 8PM (ET) – Then follow the feed: read, respond, question … explore weekly topics with us! It’s a fast paced, organic chat as driven by all.
  • To post chat ideas & vote for weekly topics visit our Wiki: http://5thchat.wikispaces.com
  • Check out our archives as well!

Wiki Pages
Visit our Wiki (http://5thchat.wikispaces.com). Pages include Chat Archives, Grade 5 resources for individual subjects, a Wall Wisher (for chats), a “polling station”, 5thchat Diigo, and information about members.

We certainly hope to see you “there” every Tuesday at 8PM.
You make this a valuable experience for all!  


One response to “#5thchat

  1. You are one of the most creative passionate teachers I have ever met.
    All kids and parents should read your Blog

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