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Barrier Games: Fun! Effective! Fun! Effective! (Oh…& did I mention fun?)

Playing Barrier Games with students: is so much fun and incredibly useful!

When my students look as though they need a “play break” I often pull a barrier game or two from “up my sleeve”. The kids love them. They make for great language building activities … and often ignite some great giggles _ and even encourage friendships – along the way.
Student_clipart(Psssst = & quite “selfishly”, observing my kids playing these games makes for some authentic, valuable observational notes, as well insights into their individual strengths and needs.)

Okay… & so down to brass tacks:

“My Teacher-ish Purpose”:  Barrier games can help to improve students’:

  • listening skills
  • expressive language skills – oral/social language skills
  • articulation
  • fluency
  • vocabulary
  • referential communication
  • ability to give instructions
  • ability to follow directions
  • confidence: opportunities to ask for clarification during “play”
  • problem solving skills
  • social skills
  • experiences with trial & error
  • ! etc.!etc.!
  • & oh yah … lest I forget: They are often “super” fun!

When first being introduced to these games my first two question were:
1. What exactly are barrier games?
2.Which ones are the easiest to implement at the spur of the moment &/or on a budget?

Well, please refer to the sites below to uncover the answers to these questions … along with some “super-fun”, free barrier games to play at home or at school.

P.S. & before I go … let me say that I am always curious: If you employ these games which ones do your kids love? (… oh, & ones that might also be free and easy to set up 😉
In the 
meantime, here are some of my favourites!
Some sites to visit:

Downloads | Barrier Games – Talking Matters
“Barrier Games. Barrier games are a great way to develop listening and verbal skills … FREE to Download.”…/2-barriergames

Barrier Games – EAL Teaching Strategies
“Barrier games are an effective and motivating way of extending the language skills … be good for initial discussions on new topics or revising existing knowledge. … allow free-flow dialogue and allow the participants to work it out themselves.”

Pinterest Barrier Games

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