Twitter 101

How to Create a Twitter Account:

  1. Visit
  2. There is a “sign up box” (or
  3. Enter your email address, you name and a password … & then just click “Sign Up”
  4. Now here’s the hard part … choosing a username! Trust me … this isn’t as easy as it sounds … at least it wasn’t for me! 😉
  5. Go to “Create my account” and then follow the prompt so that they/we know you’re not a robot 😉
  6. You will recieve a message at your email account … and accept.
  7. & that’s it folks!
  8. Oh – posting a pic & a bio is a good idea. “Eggs” are often Spammers and you do not want to be mistaken as one
  9. Dive right in and play. Find people you are interested in connecting with … who do they seem to follow and chat with?
    There are also some great #chats out there! Have a look around … you’ll be amazing at what you find!
  10. Consider using a social media dashboard like in order to manage incoming messages

Basic Twitter Lingo

# Hashtags – connect a stream on consciousness
@ + usernames = the  link to a Twitter profile
DM = (d +space & username) a direct message between you and other; not seen publicly
#FF = “Follow Friday – use it to suggest fab tweeters others might like to follow
RT – when you re-tweet a message you think others ought to see – share!
MT – if you have to make slight changes as there are only 140 characters to play with – & share again

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