Twitter Chats at #ecoo13 – Bring IT Together

I am so excited to be sharing my passion for Twitter and Twitter Chats at the Bring IT Together Conference ( (#ecoo13) next week.
You see, seldom do I get up on a soapbox …. however … in breaking with tradition …. I am doing just that …
You see …
I believe that not only is it to our benefit, but I believe that it is in fact our professional responsibility to be connected educators — to establish and participate in our own professional online learning networks.
After all, if we’re asking our students to become authentic, involved, digital, global citizens — we ought to be doing the same …
We should be teaching them about global citizenship and learning along side them.
& you know, now that I think about it– I really don’t believe that any one group has leveraged the true power of Twitter in quite the same way – in quite  as powerful and meaningful a way – as teachers.
I believe that Twitter and Twitter Chats are among the most effective ways to reach out to, learn from, and share with other connected educators in a professional, productive and positive manner – to engage in online learning experiences in real time.
& so … if you are at all interested in learning more … in learning how to set up a #chat … or just want to encourage a colleague or two to get onto the Twitter “Bandwagon” 🙂 then I look forward to seeing you at Bring It Together #ecoo13 next week in Niagara Falls.
It’s going to be a fan-ta-bu-lous 3 days!
Hope to see you at :

3 responses to “Twitter Chats at #ecoo13 – Bring IT Together

  1. Hi Ally, we are starting a twitter chat for ECOO14 at #bit14 – I will be leading it as BIT2014 – could you give me some tips on how to set up a regular twitter chat? Thanks is advance. Paul McGuire

  2. Hi Paul,
    I am so sorry that I didn’t reply to your post sooner! There’s no excuse … I’m not really sure what happened here 😉
    Anyway, with regard to your question here is a great article that ought to be of help. Lots and lots of good advice to wade through!
    All the best, and I hope to meet you at ECOO14!

  3. P.S. I have started to follow the #bit14 hashtag! fab! and RT some as well.
    So exciting … looks like you are already up and running!

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