Test Taking Strategies in a Grade 5 Class

Although I introduce, model and review many test taking strategies with my students, I tend to include those below on the 2nd page of every test (after the “cover”). …. & so I thought I’d share today!

Introductory Strategies:
1. Go over the test as a class. Ask for clarification as we address each question.
2. Highlight important words.
3. Make note of those questions that seem the easiest to you. Mark them somehow, and do them first. This will “get them out of the way”, make you feel good – show that you know your stuff – and are making progress. Feeling positive and making progress immediately will give you the confidence to move on!

Mid-way Strategies:
1. Half way through the test we will put our pencils down and grab a hoola-hoop! Let’s move and stretch and twist! Let’s have a “Hoola Break”! Fun! Fun! Fun!

End Strategies:
a) When you are done, put the test for one side.
b) Do something else (e.g. read, write in your Journal, engage in an iPad activity (math app., country research), do a word search, a maze or a puzzle until I say “Stop”. (You may also choose to doodle or draw a picture on this page should you wish.)
c) When I give you “the go ahead” return to your test with “fresh eyes”. Pay close attention to both the questions and to your written responses. COPS your work.
Attend to what you see – wonder – think – & feel.

I do hope that these prove useful to some of you. I wonder what other wonderful strategies are out there ……



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