Year End Thank Yous!

Year End Cards / Thank Yous

This year we (a.k.a. “I”) have decided that our class should make the most marvelous “Thank You” cards for all those who have done so much to ensure that we have had an amazing school year.

These individuals include: Specialty Teachers, Eco Team Leader, School Director, Principals, After Care Staff, Custodians/Cleaners, Hot Lunch Staff, Class Parents, etc.

The cards are simple cards … but they they are huge & handcrafted – big & bold … & best of all they are “from the heart” … so far the kids have done an awesome, amazing, outstanding job! I can’t wait to see what the final product looks like!

In order to ensure that they are “well done”, I have assigned certain students to be in charge of creating each card according to what I believe to be their favourite subject (teacher).  😉
The students are really into creating these cards and gathering as many signatures as possible!

What a wonderful addition to our year end activities … I am only embarrassed that it took me this long to schedule this time into our last few weeks.
Ugh … live & learn …



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