Edmodo in the Grade 5 Classroom

Edmodo in the Grade 5 Classroom

Edmodo in the classroom makes good sense for so many reasons …
If you were a fly on my classroom wall you would see and hear me promoting its use for so many reasons … there are so many opportunities, so many “things” that it can bring to the classroom experience … here are just a few of them (alphabetically speaking).

Alphabetically Speaking –
From “A” to “V”

  • address/recognize different learning styles
  • alternative opportunity to communicate
  • back channel discussions
  • blog
  • book clubs
  • communication with parents
  • communities connect
  • complete assignments
  • connect with students
  • connect with other teachers
  • create book files/lists
  • create quizzes
  • differentiated instruction – create groups
  • digital backpacks
  • digital libraries
  • engagement
  • exercising personal responsibility
  • flipped classroom
  • ecourage, teach and promote the use of 21st Century skills
  • grading
  • global collaboration
  • group collaboration
  • integrate technology
  • join communities
  • learn about social media and the internet in a safe & secure environment
  • links to PPP
  • manage grades & assignments
  • mobile learning
  • parent code
  • polls
  • post daily assignments
  • post messages
  • post positive feedback to students
  • post positive feedback between students
  • post rubrics
  • project based learning
  • record field trips
  • role play : e.g. accounts for main characters in novels
  • scavenger hunts
  • see assignments
  • see grades
  • share and discuss resources
  • shares ideas
  • share videos
  • share projects
  • social networking
  • study groups
  • turn in/post assignments for viewing/grading
  • unit overviews
  • upgrade classroom communication
  • upload files
  • upload audio files
  • view lecture notes
  • view/make up missed lessons/work
  • vocabulary development
  • Note …. I also love Edmodo because:

1. It is safe & secure
2. Students don’t need an email address
3. It’s easy to use
4. It’s free

3 responses to “Edmodo in the Grade 5 Classroom

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  3. I’m a big fan of Edmodo! You’ve provided a great comprehensive list of ideas. My sixth graders use it daily. Here’s a binder filled with ideas: http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=669649

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