Novel : Responses to Text

Novel Responses – Student choice when responding to novels & books through design, drama, crafts, writing, math

If you were a fly on my classroom wall you would see that much of what we do is based on the concepts of “choice” and “authenticity”. Introducing choice into the curriculum whenever possible provides students with a sense of ownership and a heightened sense of responsibility. Their personal choices reflect their interests, build on their strengths and (when applied properly) address their needs.

Please find a list of some of the different choices that I provide for my students when they are asked to respond to text.


Get Crafty:

  • Make a gift & a design/write a gift card for the main character. Consider all that you know about him/her in order to choose the most appropriate present and card.
  • Design and write a postcard as though it had been chosen and sent by the main character.
  • Create a scrapbook as though you were the main character. What will you include?
  • Create a photo album for the main character. Use cuts outs from magazines, download pictures, draw, write, etc.
  • Create a giant mural or piece graffiti based on the novel – consider symbols, characters, setting, themes, etc.
  • Create a time capsule for the novel.


  • Design the perfect bedroom for the main character – be clear as to your choices.
  • Design an ad campaign or the novel.
  • Design a movie poster for the novel.
  • Design a board game based on the novel.
  • Design a “look book” for the main character. What would he/she like/need to have in his/her wardrobe?
  • Design a test for the novel. Include a variety or types of questions (e.g. true/false, multiple choice, matching, fill in the blanks, short & long answer questions ….)


  • Dress up as the main character – include “clever” items and explain their significance.
  • Conduct a mock interview with the main character.
  • Write a script for and perform your favourite “moment” in the novel.
  • Write and perform a meaningful monologue.
  • Write a perform a puppet show based on the novel.


  • Choose a dream vacation for the main character. Create an itinerary for him/her.Turn the novel into a picture book.
  • Write & perform song based on the novel.
  • Create a newspaper. All the articles must somehow be based on or relate to the novel.
  • Retell the novel through a series of letters.

3 responses to “Novel : Responses to Text

  1. Cool post! I’m going to be a teacher this year, and it’s nice to see someone who takes their job seriously and really wants to find creative ways to get the students to really “get” the material, not just spit it back.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas.

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