The Dynamic Duo – My Social Media PD Superheroes Part II – Pinterest

The Dynamic Duo – My Social Media PD Superheroes
Part II – Pinterest (
(Part I – Twitter)

As stated in “Part I – Twitter”, with regard to professional and personal development I am always looking for the practical, the applicable, the relevant, the personal, the inspirational, the progressive.

& so … I addition to all of the wonderful teachers that I have met on my journey as an educator, there is no more of a Dynamic Duo for me today than Twitter & Pinterest. They are my PD Superheroes.

These Superheroes make me feel welcome within a community of learners who inspire me to be a better teacher … they make me want to look at what I do every day in new ways. These two social media superheroes show me what’s possible, point me in new directions and make me want to do better – they show me what’s possible, doable, workable, valuable. They are organic, flexible and progressive. They are always growing, changing, and moving forward.

For today’s post: I will focus on Pinterest.
I have decided to share why I love Pinterest below (alphabetically speaking).
* & If you aren’t already “playing” on Pinterest I encourage you to take some time to do so…. to see what’s really out there and available to you for free, 24-7.


Part II _ Pinterest
Alphabetically I love Pinterest because I can find & share …

A place to organize/bookmark concepts / ideas for future reference –
Assessment tools/ideas –
Back to school ideas –
Blogs –
Books –
Brain Breaks –
Bulletin board displays –
Classroom posters –
Collaboration with others –
Cool ideas: projects, crafts, etc. –
Creating a virtual scrapbook –
Curriculum –
Engaged educators –
Evaluation tools/ideas –
Games –
Images to use in the classroom –
Inspiration from others –
Inspiration for lesson plans, decorating the classroom, etc. –
Math games –
Manipulatives –
Printables –
Reading strategies –
Science experiments –
Social Studies ideas –
Social networking –
Specialists to learning from –
Test taking & study strategies –
Tools –
Technology resources –
Trends –
Tutorials –
Virtual field trip – collect images, posters, ideas & sites –
Visuals –
Writers workshop ideas –

… & so much more!
… & it’s free!

2 responses to “The Dynamic Duo – My Social Media PD Superheroes Part II – Pinterest

  1. Hello,
    I really appreciate your practical method that could be applied in a daily bases. I liked how your agenda is truly focused on building authentic and humanitarian skills for the kids… I am originally from Saudi Arabia and doing my master of Educational Leadership here in Ontario-Canada.., I look forward to subscribing with your website if that possible.
    Good luck and keep going 🙂

  2. Do you have a link to your Pinterest boards?

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