Ancient Greece Job Fair

Ancient Greece Job Fair

If you were a fly on my classroom wall this term you would see my students and I referring to one another by our ancient Greek god and goddess names. This term we are Zeus, Apollo, Hera, Aphrodite, Athena, and so forth. (I am Hades 😉

If you were a fly on my classroom wall you would also see us gearing up for our “Ancient Greece Job Fair”. My Grade 5 Greek gods and goddesses are so excited to come dressed for their interviews (i.e. in costume) and engage in the process, their resumes and cover letters in hand.

The Process:

1. Learn all you can about the ancient Greek gods and goddesses. Ask yourself. “Who do you want to be? Who do you most identify with?”

2. Assume the role of that god/goddess.

3. Research and record all that you can about “who you are”.

4. Match the characteristics, symbols, stories, etc. of who you have become, of your god or goddess of choice, with an occupation.
For example, in our class Poseidon is an oceanographer, Apollo is a music producer, Athena is a costume designer, Hera is a wedding planner, etc,. This step involved quite a bit of brainstorming and research with regard to career options — we looked into seemingly endless possibilities. It was good fun.

5. Spend the next two weeks designing resumes and cover letters.

6. Two weeks from now we are going to host “An Ancient Greece Job Fair”. Students will introduce themselves (speaking & listening skills), the positions being applied for, and why their specific skill sets make them the perfect candidates for their chosen careers (researching & writing skills).

7. Of course everyone will be “hired” and we will end with a grande celebration!


4 responses to “Ancient Greece Job Fair

  1. This sounds like a super idea that the kids are going to love and remember for years to come!! 🙂


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    • Hi!
      Thank you for the feedback!
      & in response to your statement: “I really don’t know who @FlyontheCWall is. But, …”
      here you go:
      I am a 5th Grade teacher from Toronto who thrives on the practice of collaborating with others who share my interest in and passion for teaching.
      I love sharing with and learning from others!
      Hope to connect again soon!

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