What’s on your “Wish List”?

My Wish List for the Immediate Future
Today I am going to make three wishes for the immediate future as relates to teaching in my world.
What’s on your wish list?

1. A continued greater emphasis on and sharing of 21st Century skills – kids developing real world skills and making real world connections. We are global citizens.

2. A conscious shift from current classroom configurations, toward more child-friendly spaces (e.g. furniture, floor plans, accessories, lighting, etc.) that allow for greater movement, alternative work spaces and choice …. that cater to a range of learning styles, and that foster creativity and collaboration.

3. A regular time scheduled into my work week for reflection upon teaching practices and to stay current with regard trends in education and resources. I would love for example, more time during the work week  to collaborate with and benefit from the expertise of teachers, administrators and in-house specialists. I wish that I had more time and resources to take full advantage of on-line learning opportunities by attending webinars (which often take place during the day), reading blogs, participating in online forums and otherwise connecting with professionals.  Currently, this all happens outside of work hours between planning and marking and parent contacts. I do it (a lot!), I love it(!), it’s necessary and it’s really worth(!) it but it is time consuming. … and even though I spend a lot of time doing the above I know that there’s so much more that I want to share and learn!


2 responses to “What’s on your “Wish List”?

  1. As a student working toward my teaching degree in English Language Arts, I love the thoughtful, insightful ideas that you have in this post. Thank you for the inspiration!

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