Assignment Mash-Up: Math & Literature

Assignment Mash-Up: Math & Literature

If you were a fly on my classroom wall you would notice that I am always striving to ensure that there is some overlap between subjects; that Math ties in with Social Studies, that Science ties in with Writer’s Workshop, that grammar & spelling tie in with a Theme Day, etc.

This week I students will engage in a Math-Literature Mash-Up!

In Language Arts we are reading The Egypt Game. The main character in the novel is a girl named April.
In Math we are looking at measurement & geometry.

The assignment:
Design a amazing bedroom for April!

The Language Component:
During their design process consider carefully all that you know about April and apply this to your design. Consider the following (& more!):
•    Who is April Hall?
•    What are her interests?
•    Does she have any hobbies?
•    What does April do in her free time?
•    What are her dreams and her hopes?
•    Would she have a book shelf and if so how big or small would it be? What would be on the shelf?
•    Would she need a big or a small closet for her clothes? What would she have hanging there? How would it be arranged?
•    Would she require a dressing table? A desk? Drawers for special objects?
•    What colour would you paint her room and why?
•    Would you leave space on her walls for posters or pictures? What would she hang there?

The Math Component:
•    Review all that you know about area and perimetre.
•    Your first assignment is to map out/measure your own bedroom – including the furniture within. This will help you to design April’s room to scale.
•    On a piece of graph paper begin to design April’s room to scale. I will check in with you often throughout the process.

I can’t wait to see what my creative kids will come up with!



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