Using Wordle, Storybird, Voicethread & Google Earth in the Classroom

Using Wordle, Storybird, Voicethread & Google Earth in the Classroom

There are a million-gazillion ways to use Wordle, Storybird, Voicethread & Google Earth in the classroom. Here are just a few activities that have sparked our enthusiasm in the Grade 5 classroom.

I would love to hear from other teachers. Please share you success stories and ideas.


A) Wordle:
a) Project & Book Report Covers – Write short summaries. Create Wordles.  Wordles become the covers for longer presentations or bulletin board displays.
b) Student Autobiographies – Students write autobiographies and create Wordles.  Share, read, review & search for similarities and differences, i.e. Are there any words that stand out across the board?
c) Biographies & Character Studies – Create a bulltein board.
c) Current Affairs: Students find current news stories that speak to them. Copy and paste it into Wordle. Share & post.

B) Storybird:
a) Assessment Tool: Culminating/Unit End Activity: Create picture books about a unit of study.
b) Assessment Tool: Create books using literary devices covered over the course of the year (e.g. similes, metaphors, personification, onomatopoeia, etc.)
c) Create student autobiographies.
d) Historical figure studies.
e) Create stories, themed-books to share with Reading Buddies.

a) Post & comment on a piece of artwork, a thought provoking picture, etc.
b) Post & comment on famous saying, “words to live by”, etc.
c) Post & comment on a problem. Provide approaches/solutions.
d) Post & comment on a “character analysis/study” from a novel being read in the classroom.
e) Record student presentations. Students provide feedback.
f) Post a video from a current unit of study and have students comment.
g) Post a picture that relates to a unit of study and have students comment on the unit: i.e. What did they learn? What did they find the most interesting? What surprised them?
h) Math: Upload a picture for discussion i.e. discuss a graph, probability, word problem, etc.

Google Earth:
a) Go on virtual field trips as relates to units of study. (My Students love this.)
b) Explore the impact of people on the environment – what do students notice?
c) Use an area viewed as a writing prompt.
d) Compare and contrast the environment of two very different locations.


3 responses to “Using Wordle, Storybird, Voicethread & Google Earth in the Classroom

  1. These are amazing ideas! I’m already familiar with wordle, so I think I’ll pick one of those and try it with my 6th graders! 🙂


  2. Hi

    Great ideas and I will definitely be looking into them.

    I came across this while looking for lesson ideas. I don’t know if you know, but offers a Word Cloud service which is similar to Wordle, BUT you can save the file as a JPEG.


  3. Thanks for the feedback …. so very much appreciated.

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