Our Children: Expose, Encourage, Give Permission, Have …

Our Children: Expose, Encourage, Give Permission, Have … 

The other day a parent asked me what more she could do to raise a “great kid”! Now that was an open ended question!

We talked about her child in particular and her family in general. We talked about all of the great things that she was doing already  (and there were many!) and we took it from there. Together we created the following list … so I just thought I’d share what we came up with.

… & of course we discussed that fact that all that follows would come to be in a perfect world … we agreed that she would check off those things that they already did as a family (which made her feel great!) and then start to introduce those areas that she was most comfortable with …

I hope that you find this list to be of some use as well.


(A) Expose your child to:
– Books – read a lot & be seen reading
– Art – visit a gallery; explore books, movies & play
– Music – all types of music
– Cooking/Baking – this is a great family activity & develops both math and organizational skills
– Math – encourage her to see math as practical; as useful & part of our every day world
– Science – it’s all around us
– Accomplished, interesting people
… in short – & in a perfect world – the world 😉

(B) Give your child permission to:
… discover his passions, his own interests
… ask, wonder & explore the world around her … to ask questions
… daydream
… consider cause and effect
… make a mess 😉
… make mistakes

(C) Have:
… high, realistic expectations
… a sensory rich environment – encourage him to see, hear, smell, taste, touch
… a special creative work space for her – a place with paper, pencils, colours, glitter, stickers, clay, puppets, instruments, games, etc.
… opened-ended activity time – who knows where this will lead you
… family time: a walk in the park, game night, etc.

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