For Teachers: Different Ways to Communicate With Parents – 25 Suggestions

For Teachers: Different Ways to Communicate With Parents –
25 Suggestions

If you were a fly on my classroom wall you would see me using a variety of methods/means to communicate with parents on a regular basis … even before Day #1!

I believe strongly in establishing strong ties/bonds between home and school … after all, we are all here for the child.

Together we can make a great team!

I hope that you find this list to be of some use …


27 Suggestions

  1. Class Blogs/Websites – to be updated regularly
  2. Class Parents – volunteers who communicate regularly with all parents on your behalf
  3. Class Celebrations – Thanksgiving Pot Luck, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Winter Festival, Carnival, Remembrance Day, Earth Day, Mother’s Day Tea, Year End Party, etc.
  4. Curriculum Share –  After school events during which students lead parents through various curriculum related centres
  5. Email personal notes/updates- anytime / anywhere
  6. Email Newsletters
  7. Information “Easel” outside the classroom – posted information
  8. Face-to-Face Meetings
  9. Fundraisers – student driven & parent/teacher supported
  10. Home Journals – Students write a weekly letter home to parents describing their week & parents respond (see:
  11. Homework agendas – a very effective means of communication between home and school
  12. Interviews – parent-teacher interviews
  13. Learning Logs to be shared with parents by students on a regular basis (see:
  14. Newsletters / notices – save a tree: keep these to a minimum
  15. Open Door Policy – create a welcoming environment
  16. Parent Bulletin Board – in the hall – post a monthly calendar, weekly timetable, special notices, examples of student work, etc.
  17. Parent Night – early in September in order to introduce yourself & your program
  18. Parent Volunteers for activities, special days/activities, field trips, etc.
  19. Personal Notes/Letters home
  20. Post signs & notices on your front door
  21. Report Cards
  22. Stage a Poetry Slam
  23. Start the year off – prior to Day #1 – with a phone call & a postcard/letter home
  24. Telephone – makes calls regularly – report on strengths as well as needs; both good news and issues that need to be addressed
  25. Test Binder – include tests, quizzes, reports, etc. to be reviewed and signed by parents (includes student, parent & teacher reflections)

3 responses to “For Teachers: Different Ways to Communicate With Parents – 25 Suggestions

  1. I am awarding you with a Versatile Blogger award because I love reading your informative posts and I enjoy your writing style. I really do wish I was a genuine fly on your classroom wall.

  2. Wow! That’s so kind of you!
    I do love the feeling and the progress that comes when the parent(s), the child and the teacher (that’s me 😉 make a fantastic, powerful team.

  3. What about using Twitter to communicate with parents?

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