For Kids: How to Have a Great School Year! Two Categories & Twenty-five Steps

How to Have a Great School Year! Two Categories & Twenty-five Steps – Support & Empower Your Child

I recently had a conversation with a girlfriend of mine. She was wondering what she could do as a parent to help her child have both a positive and productive school year.

Over a glass of wine and a plate of sushi we came up with the following list of ideas. We divided the list into “home” and “school”, and then I included some web sites that provide additional, practical information.

& Speaking of “practical”: We tried to be as practical and as concrete as possible. We tried to keep our ideas clear and simple. We agreed that it was really important to post and share the list with her daughter well before the beginning of the school year, and to review & refer to it often.


For Kids: How to Have a Great School Year! Two Categories & Twenty-five Steps

(A) At Home

1. Develop good time management skills – learn to prioritize (;

2. Self-discipline – make good decisions – decide what needs to be done & do it;

3. Create your own calendar of events to post at home (;

4. Keep a homework agenda – record all assignments and upcoming events neatly, accurately, carefully. Carry it with you at all times;

5. Find & create you perfect study/homework space;

6. Do your homework & do it well (;

7. Find a homework buddy (e.g. classmates to call if you have missed or don’t understand the work);

8. Develop your study skills (;

9. Practice excellent organizational skills (;

10. Keep a positive attitude and an open mind;

11. Believe in yourself & take pride in your work;

12. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it – but really try first!

13. Discover: What kind of a learner are you? (

14. Stay healthy – eat well, exercise, maintain fun/healthy friendships, have some down time and get a good night sleep;

At School

1. Always arrive a few minutes early to class so as to be ready to start the day/class on a positive note;

2. Get to know your teachers – & help them get to know you;

3. Pay attention at all times and be prepared in class;

4. Approach each lesson/class with optimism and an open mind;

5. Be proactive, be organized;

6. Practice active listening skills  ( & critical thinking skills (

7. Participate in class discussions and ask questions;

8. Recognize when you may need some extra help & ask for it;

9. Get involved in the whole-school experience: join a sports team(s), club(s), school play, etc.;

10. Take pride in your work and in your accomplishments;

11. Respect: respect yourself, your teachers, your peers, and your learning environment.

2 responses to “For Kids: How to Have a Great School Year! Two Categories & Twenty-five Steps

  1. Love these tips! I think I sometimes assume that my students don’t need these reminders, but they do! This helps me focus how I’m going to help my students get organized the first few weeks of school. Thanks!

  2. Hey Linda,
    Glad you found something useful here … 😉
    & here’s to a great school year!

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