Math & Science Resources – Vidoes, Games, Challenges

Grade 5 Resources – Math & Science

I was asked by a new teacher to share just a few of my “well used” Math & Science resources

for Grade 5 ….

If you were a fly on my classroom wall you would see me “logging onto” these sites quite often!

Hope you find them useful as well.


PS I would LOVE to read about some of your favourite sites as well of course!

 (I) MATH: Teaching Sites / Challenges / Videos! (Great for Smart Board Teaching)  (Real World Math Challenges) (Hands-on Math) (Open Your Eyes to the World of Money) (Problem Solving Printable Cards/Decks)

Examples of Free On-line Math Games for Kids!

Practice Your Times Tables:
Hidden Picture Multiplication
Multiplication Concentration
Multiplication Concentration
(II) Grade 5 Science –
Sites With a Focus on Our Ontario Curriculum Strands (& Then Some)

Amazing one stop shopping for resources:

These 2 sites are also good for hands on learning & Smart Board use in Grade 5:

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