>Bringing Earth Hour into the Classroom!

>Bringing Earth Hour into the Classroom!

This year Earth Hour is on Saturday, March 26th at 8:30 P.M..
In support of this – & in order to raise student awareness – I’m switching the lights off in my classroom for one hour on the 25th! Why not join me!

On Friday the 25th I plan to turn the lights out in my classroom. We will also turn off our Smart Board, computers, etc.
What do I plan to do for that hour?
I plan to read to my students by candle light (I have a magnificent candelabra simply fit for the occasion) and hold a Class Meeting (time permitting) about our community & environmental awareness. Last year I did just that and the students loved it!
My students loved watching me bring the ornate candelabra to the table and light all 5 candles (fire in the classroom!). They loved sitting at the carpet and listening to a story read to them by candle light. There was something warm and inviting, and just so very special about the experience.

& So … if you have time this Friday please join me in bringing Earth Hour into the classroom!


P.S. With Earth Hour and Earth Day around the corner I thought I’d share some sites that I have found useful in the past. They include links to great energy resources for the classroom and experiments.

http://planetpals.com/green-earth-day (“A complete guide to having a green eco friendly Earth Day Earth Month Earth Hour Green Day with Earthday Projects Ideas Crafts Actitivies.”)

http://www.trec.on.ca/blog/page/ResourcesForTeachers.aspx (“specialized resources relating to the Kids’ World of Energy workshops”)

http://planetpals.com/earth_hour.html (“Learn about Earth Hour. Learn how you can conserve energy for Earth Hour and Every Hour.”)

http://www.linktolearning.com/grade5science.htm (“Grade 5 Science and Technology. Matter Energy Forces Weather. Human Organ Systems. Human Body Adventure – great web site from Life …”)

http://www.energyquest.ca.gov (“California Energy Commission’s energy and environmental education site for students, parents and teachers. Materials for students from kindergarten through …”)


http://www.energy4me.org/energy-facts/energy-links-resources (Great Energy Links & Resources page)

http://www.ehow.com/list_6016835_earth-day-experiments-kids.html (Earth Day Experiments for Kids. Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to teach kids about our environment and the world in which we live.”)

http://edselect.com/earth-day (“Earth’s Birthday Project provides teachers with effective Earth Day related learning … Learn how the air becomes dirty (Includes classroom experiments) …” )

Also … check out  Earth Day TV (http://www.earthdaytv.net) for a selection of videos and more!


3 responses to “>Bringing Earth Hour into the Classroom!

  1. >Our whole school has an hour of darkness on Friday. No candles allowed though.Our shared reading this week isman article about earth hour with links to http://www.earth hour.org and http://www.earth our kids.orgThe kids are going tom write persuasive letters to their families trying to convince them to participate on Satirday night.We will be with you in spirit on Friday.Angie Harrison

  2. >That's fantastic Angie!Thanks for the links & ideas!Cheers,Ally

  3. >More sites: [ http://oee.nrcan.gc.ca/calendarclub/teachers/teachers_guide.cfm ]ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT (all grades)[ http://www.earthday.org/ ]Make a class pledge for an act of green[ file:///Users/etilbury/Desktop/Eco%20Team/Earth%20Day/Earth%20Day%20Network%20Activities.webarchive ]Earthy Lesson plans (all grades)[ https://www.earthrangers.com/bbtw/resources.html ]BRING BACK THE WILD (all grades) hover the mouse the lesson and click to download.[ http://www.ecokids.ca/pub/index.cfm ]Eco Kids [ http://pbskids.org/eekoworld/ ]Eeko World (ages 6-9)[ http://www.kidsplanet.org/ ]Kids Planet (this one is noisy)[ http://www.nrdc.org/greensquad/intro/intro_1.asp ]The Green Squad (grade 5 +)[ http://www.planetpals.com/earthday.html ]Planet Pals (the largest website for all grades, tons o' stuff to sift through)Inform Yourself[ http://www.tappening.com/ ]Tap v. Bottled Water[ http://www.storyofstuff.com/ ]The Story of Stuff (some great videos for Junior students)[ http://wwf.ca/ ]WWF

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