>Math is Fun – Free On-Line Games

>Math is Fun – Free On-Line Games

Before the March Break a mum asked me for a math booklet … Something for her child to work on over the March Break. Normally I would offer suggestions for “real life” math activities (e.g. cooking, estimating a grocery bill or a bill at a restaurant, calculating elapsed time when planning for the day’s activities, etc.) instead of paper and pencil work, but as the student was quite keen and had also asked for activities I made a “Fun Booklet” for her to take away.

In addition to the activity booklet I provided the family with a list of web sites to explore that offer free online math games.  (I actually went through quite a few of the sites/games with the student so that she could be the expert, and have a little more independence at home – be a more self-directed learner.)

I really do hope that my student has enjoyed her break and that she engaged in some of the activities that were provided — and if not that’s perfectly fine as well. She has worked hard First & Second Terms and deserves a little down time.

Anyway, I have provided a list of the sites that I suggested they explore in case anyone else is interested. Oh! & Games on these sites are often used as one “math centre” during the school day (on our Smart Board).




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