>What is Differentiated Teaching?

>What is Differentiated Teaching?

 Differentiated teaching is ….

  • an educational philosophy
  • a philosophy to be put into practice
  • student centered
  • sensitive to individual students’ strengths & needs
  • understanding & responding to students’ individual background knowledge, interests, readiness, abilities & learning styles
  • providing students with options – with different ways to process, make sense of & work with ideas and concepts according to individual needs
  • maximizing opportunities for learning
  • incorporating whole-class, group and individual instruction
  • a flexible approach to teaching
  • organic not static
  • employing various teaching strategies, activities & assessment tools according to need
  • … finally, differentiated instruction is just good teaching


4 responses to “>What is Differentiated Teaching?

  1. >While this is a nice goal to reach for, budget cutbacks are going to make this difficult. Many states want to raise the size of classrooms. The only other person who thinks this can work is Bill Gates.

  2. >I suppose that I am one of the lucky ones … I teach at a school that aspires to, that encourages this … a school that provides the support and encouragement … but like anything in life: there's no such thing as "perfect" … rather this is a philosophy and mindfulness that helps to steer me in the right direction …

  3. >Differentiated Teaching is also not optional. We must differentiate what happens in our classrooms to reach all students. Here are some good resources on differentiation:http://goo.gl/H041nhttp://goo.gl/QPNF

  4. >Thanks for the sites Dave! Going to check them out now 😉

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