Encourage Reading at Home – Raising a Reader

Encourage Reading at Home

The other day a parent asked to speak with me after school. Her child has yet to become a reader and it is breaking her heart.

While it is true that some children love reading and others do not (just as some children enjoy soccer and others do not) reading is a gift as well as a life skills and ought to be encouraged.

I made the following recommendations.Hopefully one or two will prove helpful!


Ways to Encourage Reading at Home

·     Make sure that there are plenty of books, magazines and comics lying around the house for your child to pick up at a moment’s notice.
·     Create a special place for your child to read. A place just for him/her.
·     Read to and with your child a lot! Snuggle up and enjoy!
·     Create a fun book club for your son/daughter and his/her friends! A monthly book party!
·     Find out what other kids are reading. Find out what’s hot (and what’s not!).
·     Play board games that require reading.
·     Read recipe books and choose a favourite recipe — or two. Read the recipe and bake together … then enjoy the fruits of your labour! (This is a great way to focus on math skills as well.)
·     Movies can be a great starting point! Read a book based on a favourite children’s movie.
·     What are your child’s interests? Find out more! Buy, borrow and suggest books, articles, magazines, etc. that relate to the topic(s). 
·     Before going on a family trip supply your child with magazines, books and pamphlets based on where you are headed to. Encourage them to take on the role of tour guide, and suggest activities as well.
·     Recognize “readable moments”, e.g. reading menus, instructions, directions, invitations, postcards, birthday cards, CD covers, food labels, etc.
·     Be a good role model. Your child should see you enjoying good books and magazines.

4 responses to “Encourage Reading at Home – Raising a Reader

  1. >I recently stumbled upon your blog and I am so excited to read your posts. I am finishing up my final few months of schooling and will begin student teaching an elementary grade to be determined in the fall. Your blog has been a wealth of information for me as a professional and as a parent of almost school age children. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experiences!

  2. >Thank you so much for the feedback — happy to read that you have found some of the posts useful. If you have any questions or suggestions for future posts please let me know!I try to make my entires as practical as possible … ideas/concepts that teachers and parents can put into place to encourage positive growth and development.Thanks again for the feedback! Cheers.Ally

  3. I am so excited to find a blog for upper elementary grades. You do an awesome service for others. Thank you.

  4. Thanks Kathy! S glad that you have found something(s) useful here.
    I so love teaching the upper elementary grades.
    Keep in touch!

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