Memory Strategies to Use in the Classroom

Identified as Having a Weak Working Memory?
Memory Aids:  To-dos, Tricks & Techniques

Last week a parent and another teacher both asked me for any “memory strategies” that might be useful at home and in the classroom.
… Here you go!
Memory strategies to use in the classroom:
  • Relate a new concept to something you already know: When you activate prior knowledge the information becomes more meaningful
  • Explain a concept to someone else in your own words
  • Organize facts/concepts into units that make sense
  • Grouping
  • Visualize facts/concepts. Make the picture as creative, colourful, silly or as ridiculous as possible
  • Subvocalization
  • Movement – you may need to activate (e.g. chew gum, walk and learn, walk and rehearse)
  • Elaborative Interrogation: 1) Read fact 2) Turn the fact into a why question 3) Answer the question
  • Webbing, Mind-mapping
  • Mnemonics – teacher or student generated
  • Acronyms – teacher or student generated
  • Linking/Chain Method – link/associate consecutive pairs of items (vivid, unusual, interact)
  • The House Tour Method
  • Make Board Games as a review at the end of a unit
  • Rehearsal – simple repetition
  • Review concepts/ facts ASAP
  • Pair up with a buddy and practice/consolidate
  • Paraphrase as you read. Take notes in the margins, underline, highlight (colour code) and make notes on a Post-It (e.g. SEEDS). Stop & Talk. Act it out.
  • Practice active listening skills 
  • Use Learning Logs
 (For Study Strategies see my last post:

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