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>Test Taking Strategies (… to post before & during tests)

>Posting Test Taking Strategies

Last week my great grade 5s wrote a Science test.
Prior to every test I post the following strategies on the SmartBoard for all to see and discuss.
Although I expect my students to study all the material for a test, and to do the very best they can, I am much more concerned that they know how to study for and take tests …. these are life skills after all …



Approach – Approach each question with optimism & enthusiasm. Have an open mind. I’m proud of you! You can do it!

Read – Read every question on the test – ask for clarification when necessary; discuss vocabulary.

Highlight – Highlight key words (e.g. all the words that will appear in your answer) & the weight of each question. Pay close attention.

Answer –  Answer the easiest questions first

Skip – If you don’t know that answer to a question skip it; come back to it later.

Cold & Fresh – Once you are done put the test to one side. Allow it to get cold (e.g. read, draw). Return to the test: Reread & edit with “fresh eyes”.