>The First Day of School: A Teacher Checklist in Great Grade 5

>The First Day of Class: A Teacher Checklist in Great Grade 5

If you were a fly on my classroom wall this is what you would see in and around my classroom on the first day of school:
(…. well … you would see so much more but it’s a good start).

The Classroom: 

 1. One smartly dressed (or so I like to think … I try), smiling faced, welcoming, professional yet approachable teacher at the door.

2. One welcoming classroom: bright but not too bright, full of things to do and see (but not too full/overwhelming)

3. Desks in a “u-shaped” configuration (right angled) so that everyone can be seen and heard.

4. Paper lunch bags on every desk. A personalized “Welcome to the Start of a New School Year” note stapled to the outside of each bag … & on the inside? Treats for all! (Please refer to the following sites: http://bit.ly/bQ7HPA  or http://bit.ly/9c4VeA)

5. A “Grade 5 Fun Book” on each desk with 2 colourful pencil and erasers laid on top. Each fun book contains: several student interest surveys, a back to school word search & crossword, a math puzzle, etc.

6. A welcome note, cute graphic & our morning routine displayed on the SmartBoard

7. Posted: Timetable, Rights & Responsibilities & Job Board

8. Bulletin boards: Attractive, subject-relevant … with space for student work

9. Individual bins for paper, binders, duotangs, pencils, pens, glue sticks, etc.

10. Fantastic Grade 5 appropriate picture books displayed around the room … Placed so that they are easy to “pluck & read” at a moment’s notice.

11. A carpet area: A chair for me to sit in. A book to read on the chair. A teacher’s “Bag of Me” on the floor beside the chair to share later in the day (e.g.). Students will be assigned the same project; to be presented the following week.

12. Empty paper towel rolls or Pringles cans available for our Time Capsule activity (see site: http://bit.ly/4rhOx4)

13. A “list” of games to play “on hand” for any moments that we need to fill 😉

14. “Welcome Back Letters” for each family

15. Everything colour coded & laminated

My Desk & Me

1. A pleasant, uncluttered desk: my computer, photographs, teacher supplies, flowers

2. Copies of my class list (as a table/checklist)

3. My detailed lesson plans for the first week of school

4. A completed Supply Teacher Folder including “extra” work/activities for students to engage in

5. For me: Delicious nut-safe snacks in my desk & a wonderful lunch in the fridge!


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