>Kids: Free Classroom Rewards for a Job Well Done

>(Same post … different focus:)
Kids: Free Classroom Rewards for a Job Well Done

Ok … so in a perfect world children (people) should not be given or expect rewards for doing what’s “right” or expected … but let’s face it, we all like a little special recognition now and again, and children are no different.

The question then becomes: What rewards can I offer my students for a job well done that won’t break the bank?

Here are some “free” rewards to keep in mind when you want to give your students a little something extra!

(Free) Classroom Rewards for Students:
Sit at the teacher’s desk
Student’s choice: Move his/her desk anywhere in the room
Sit with a special friend
Work with a friend
Messenger for the day
Use pen
Draw on the Smartboard / whiteboard / chalkboard
Be the leader (e.g. first in line, first to play a game, etc.)
Additional bin / centre / puzzle / reading time
Choose a drama activity or game for the class to play
One less homework assignment
Help in the “JK” classroom*
Extra computer time*
Extra  Library time*
Extra Music class*
Extra Art class*
Extra Gym class (e.g. join another class)*
Eat lunch at the teacher’s desk
Eat lunch with the teacher / principal*
Choose a friend from another class to join him/her for lunch*
Have a lunchtime picnic at the carpet
Choose music to listen to during lunch
Choose a video to watch during lunch
A hand stamp
A note  / email / phone call home regarding the student’s excellent behaviour
A certificate (a computer printable)

(* be sure to coordinate ahead of time with the appropriate adult/teacher)


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