>General Classroom Consideration (Planning for the day)

>General Classroom Consideration (Planning for the day)
Looking to the day … every day :

*Be positive, proactive … & be good to yourself … Model the behaviour you want to see every day!
*Over plan!
*Have materials ready before students enter the room
*Understand goals. Be clear, specific and authentic. Every day I ask myself: “What am I trying to teach?”
*Plan ahead: a whole class lesson (&/or centers) & extended activities for early finishers
*Plan for smooth transitions – be goal oriented, be flexible
*Establish rules – & be sure to follow through
*Make noise – but take care not to disturb the other classes
*Plan for closure – How do I want the lesson / the day to end?
*Establish procedures for entering and leaving the classroom, for gathering/having materials at hand – Review & practice procedures until they become automatic
*Watch the time, don’t rush. Allow students enough time to get to their next class
*Understand students strengths and needs. Build on strengths and address needs
*Value the process as much as the product
*(… worth repeating:) Be positive, proactive … & be good to yourself … Take pride in accomplishments and learn from mistakes. Model the behaviour you want to see every day!


2 responses to “>General Classroom Consideration (Planning for the day)

  1. >Thanks for the reminder! I am not very good at planning extension activities for early finishers because I spend so much time on the actual lessons. Also, I need to be more consistent with consequences. I have a hard time following through with my discipline plan after the first few months of school. Thanks for sharing!

  2. >Hey!Thanks for the message. I love hearing from other teachers. Being a teacher in a classroom can be so isolating.This is a great forum for sharing and learning.Keep enjoying the summer months!Cheers,Ally

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