>Do One Good Deed a Day – A Children’s Challenge

>Challenge: Do One Good Deed Every Day for One Month
(If you were a fly on my classroom wall you would see my students doing one good deed every day for one month … and then some!)

During the last month of school I issued  a challenge to my students and the challenge was this:
They were to do one good deed every day for the last month of school.
What a wonderful way to end the school year on a positive note!
At the end of the month we were to share our experiences:
Was this an easy challenge to have issued? Was it hard? How did we feel before, during and after the challenge? Will we try to extend the challenge?

Prior to the challenge we brainstormed a list of good deeds as a class.

It was a wonderful experience!


PS Next year I plan on issuing this same challenge during the First Term of school … and to revisit the idea often!

Our “To Do List”:
A List of Good Deeds:

(A) At home:
– give mum/dad a hug
– make mum and dad breakfast in bed
– make a card for mum, dad, grandmother, grandfather, etc. just to say “I love you!”
– call a relative (e.g. grandparent, aunt, uncle) just to say hello
– help with household chores
– read to a younger brother or sister
– donate gently used, unwanted toys, books and clothes to a local charity

(B) At School:
– help the teacher collect homework and hand out papers
– offer to sharpen pencils
– offer to take a message to the office
– if you see something messy in the room clean it up
– help a friend with his/her work
– hold the door for someone

(C) Out & About … & Everywhere!
– walk the neighbour’s dog
– rake the leaves (yours or the neighbour’s)
– take out the garbage (yours or the neighbour’s)
– hold the door for someone
– give someone a compliment
– make the world a cleaner place: pick up some trash
– give someone a compliment
– offer your seat on the bus to an older person or pregnant mother-to-be
– have a positive attitude and smile wherever you go!


5 responses to “>Do One Good Deed a Day – A Children’s Challenge

  1. >What a fantastic idea! I have been reading Covey's work on the 7 Habits and plan to start my year off with them. This idea will fit nicely with all we will be talking about, and setting the tone! I'm going to get my kids started on http://kidblog.org, so I might have them post their good deeds and feelings about how it went each day or maybe several times a week. Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

  2. >Hi Kim, I just checked out http://kidblog.org (which I had never seen before)! It's great! I think that your idea of blogging/tracking their experiences is wonderful. I'm going to do that with my kids come the new school year as well.Cheers,Ally

  3. >I used Kidblog.org with my 3rd grade students last year and plan to expand its use this year. It worked out perfectly for us … the kids LOVED it! They would come in early to school so that they could use the Library computers to blog!

  4. >Hi You Two,http://kidblog.org is great. Thanks for sharing. As soon as I work out the "logistics" (e.g. computer access/use) I am going to put it into play!!!Love it.Cheers,Ally

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