>Kids: Summer Ideas to Educate & Enjoy — just try to slip them in when no one is noticing ;-)

>Kids: Summer Ideas to Educate & Enjoy — just try to slip them in when no one is noticing 😉

Ok … so summer’s here & kids just want to have fun, fun, fun … & parents do too! Now here’s the twist: You have school age kids and you are worried about that academic “brain drain” that everyone talks about.
If having your child tutored over the summer isn’t for you then here are some pretty straight forward ideas/activities to keep them engaged in the learning process.
So go ahead, try a few…. see which ones (if any) work for you and your family … & of course have fun!
Summer’s here! Let’s play!


  1. Books! Books! Books! Children should be surrounded by books, magazines, newspapers, anything readable, interesting, entertaining!
  2. Cook! Kids can be the chef! (following directions & measuring — there’s lots of math here too!)
  3. Read aloud to your child. This can be a great time to snuggle up, laugh, cry, share.
  4. Books on tape. These are great! Kids can either read along or just listen for fun! Kids can enjoy he rhythm of language and the pattern/formula of stories, without having to worry about decoding and fluency.
  5. Compare books to films. Read one, watch one & discuss.
  6. When traveling: Have your child read maps, road signs, pamphlets and menus.
  7. *Super Model it. Let them see you having fun with books … & that it’s useful too!  😉


  1. Play numbers games (e.g. card games, monopoly, etc.),.
  2. Cooking (following directions, measuring, timing) e.g. http://www.kids-cooking-activities.com/
  3. Before grocery shopping ask your child to read the flyers noting specials and deals … compare prices and record amount/totals.
  4. Grocery/Shopping: Compare prices between brands. Estimate the total cost of the trip. Make change.
  5. Travel: So in answer to the age old question: “Are we there yet?” have your child estimate the time and distance.
  6. Telling time. Give your child an “old fashioned” analog wrist watch. Practice telling time as well as elapsed time (e.g. How much longer until dinner?)
  7. “Make at Home Math Games”: http://childparenting.about.com/od/makeathomemathgames/Make_at_Home_Math_Games.htm
  8. Great site for family summer learning in math & science! http://bit.ly/cY4MtM
  9. Great site: “Helping Your Child Learn Math” http://www.kidsource.com/kidsource/content/learnmath5.html
  10. Teach math ideas: http://www.ilovethatteachingidea.com/ideas/subj_math.htm
  11. *Super Model it. Let them see you having fun with math … & that it’s useful too!  😉


  1. Going on a trip? Keep a travel journal.
  2. Keep a family journal or scrapbook … get everyone involved! Include pictures … trying scrapbook!
  3. Keep a diary.
  4. Write notes (e.g. love notes, reminders, etc.) to one another and post or hide them around the house.
  5. Write letters & post cards to family and friends.
  6. Find a pen pal! A pen pal can be someone who lives around the block or someone half way around the world.
  7. For a list of spelling & writing (fine motor) activities see: http://flyontheclassroomwall.blogspot.com/2010/06/summer-activities-for-spelling-fine.html
  8. *Super Model it. Let them see you having fun with writing … & that it’s useful too!  😉


  1. Gardening
  2. Star gazing
  3. Fun at home experiments: http://scifun.chem.wisc.edu/homeexpts/homeexpts.html
  4. “Kitchen Safe Sceince”: http://www.angelfire.com/electronic/teacher/
  5. What is your child learning about next year at school? Talk to someone and find out: a teacher, a friend with an older child, consult the internet. Then follow up and explore the topics at hand: visit the museum, the art gallery, rent movies, read books aloud, surf the net, explore!

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