>Why Reading Fluency Matters (… for parents)

>Why Reading Fluency Matters (… for parents)

I recently read a posting by a parent regarding her child’s report card.

Now, report cards are difficult to write at the best of times. There is limited space to say what I mean and I must mean what I say. I must address strengths and needs; the whole child. No easy feat.
I start and finish report cards early, and I hand them in late. I can never seem to let them go … they always seem to final, so static … and my students are so dynamic, so fantastic!

Anyway, this mum’s understanding of her child’s report card was thoughtful, balanced and positive.

There was one comment however, that stood out for me:

“The only negative comment was that her reading fluency is still a little slow. Frankly, I care more about comprehension than how many words she can read per minute.”

Through no fault of her own this mum is not aware that fluency is more than “words read per minute”.
Fluency is about reading smoothly, easily and expressively. Fluency enables individuals to read with greater understanding. A fluent reader has automatic decoding skills and a solid bank of known sight words as well as good comprehension skills.

Reading Fluency:
Reading is like singing: there is expression and rhythm. After all, we read for meaning and we read aloud to entertain as well as to inform.

Anyway … as teachers the onus is on us to ensure that parents (as well as students) have a clear understanding of our goals, objectives and outcomes.
Let’s keeping working together!



4 responses to “>Why Reading Fluency Matters (… for parents)

  1. >I really liked how succinct you state it, we so often get caught up in lingo assuming that others will know what we mean. This is a great reminder to state it in its simplest terms so that it is accessible communication for all.

  2. >Thanks … when contacting parents I always try to keep in mind that this is somebody's baby I am talking about … and never to use "teacher speak" 😉

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