>IEPs for All

>IEPs for All

Reading Sean Grainger’s February 7th blog entitled, “Personal Learning Stories” (http://karegivers.blogspot.com/2010/02/personal-learning-stories.html) got me thinking about the idea of IEPs for all students …. regardless of their learning profiles.

Now, I have to admit that the first time I ever sat down to write my very first IEP (never mind one for every student in my class as required) I felt completely and totally overwhelmed … fortunately I have a wonderful mentor/supervisor who guided me through the process. Now … I actually love creating them. I mean, I’m sure that there are other things I’d rather be doing in the moment … but they are fascinating really … & Like Grainger I feel that IEPs must be viewed as organic, always changing and growing with the individual …

OK, so this in mind, Grainger raises an interesting point: In his blog he writes, “I was left wondering why writing IEP’s wouldn’t be a good idea for every student. ” After reading his blog I was left wondering the same thing … I didn’t wonder for long however …  In my opinion? IEPs for all!!!

& As I sit here (on a snow day) sipping coffee, snacking on scones & staring at a pile of book reports to assess, I am left with the following: My 2 cents:

Whether teachers are aware of it or not, every child in every class has an IEP of sorts set firmly in place … always changing and growing, but always there. These “unwritten IEPs” guide us every day … they are part of every unit and lesson that we plan, of every anecdotal record we write. They are part of every assessment process and tool that we use … of every report we type. They are part of every student-teacher conference and of every parent-teacher interview …
They are tied to our awareness of who our students are: they guide us and in turn help us to guide them … They are part of every conversation that we have with and about our students.
They exist in the thoughts that we have as we enter the classroom in the morning. They are floating around as we deliver carefully planned lessons, and  are present as we reflect upon those lessons on the drive home.
They live on in the internal dialog that takes place as we make dinner or try to fall asleep at the end of each day.

I love the idea of formalizing that which is already in place … IEPs for all!!!!

& now on to those book reports ….



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  1. >Lots of questions about IEPs answered here: http://bit.ly/c6Q6us

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