>Math Skills Development: Dyscalculia

>Math Skills Development & Dyscalculia

Ok, so we are all at least somewhat familiar with the concept of dislexia … & now (to be fair to our children!) let’s explore the concept of dyscalculia.

Step I: Let’s consider two general questions:
1. Does you child experience “math anxiety” and frustration?
2. Is he a happy, bright child, and yet no matter how hard he works on a math concept(s) he just doesn’t seem “get it”, grasp it, be able to apply it?

If you have answered “Yes” to the above then your child may have “dyscalculia”.

Discalaula is defined as, “a broad term for severe difficulties in math. It includes all types of math problems ranging from inability to understand the meaning of numbers to inability to apply math principles to solve problems. Dyscalculia is one type of learning disability that can be served in special education programs.” from: http://learningdisabilities.about.com/od/learningdisabilitybasics/p/Dyscalculia.htm

Step II:
Review the checklist
below … Does any of what follows apply to your child and his “Math Experience”?

(A) Does he experience difficulty:
… understanding our base ten number system
… with number concepts
… following directions, sequencing, organization
… recognizing & extending patterns
… counting
… remembering number facts
… with mental math (e.g. working it out in his head)
… processing information / speed
… estimating (& he has been exposed to estimating strategies)
… with sequential memory
… explaining math concepts; how he arrived at an answer
… time & measurement

(B) Does he often:
… transpose/reverse numbers
… confuse number signs (e.g. + – x /)
… confuse: plus, minus, add, take away, altogether, in total, find the difference, add on, borrow, etc..

(C) Does he experience:
… math anxiety
… frustration

Step III: Where do you go from here?
… talk to your child.
… talk to your child’s teacher.
… be clear about his strengths and needs – build on strengths and address needs.
… find additional support for your child
refer to the articles below.
(Have a read, & let me know what you think!)

All the best,


2 responses to “>Math Skills Development: Dyscalculia

  1. >Good to see awareness being raised of dyscalculia. You may find these talks from Jane Emerson (one of the UK's leading dyscalculia experts) useful:dyscalculiadyscalculia symptoms dyscalculia teaching and help

  2. >Thanks so much for the feedback … The sites that you have included are wonderful/very useful …. I will pass them along to others as well! Thank you!Ally

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