>MATH: How to Solve Word Problems

Break it down … Keep it clean & simple!

highlighters, pencils, erasers, rulers, Math notebook (graph/grid paper)

Step 1:
Read the questions carefully. Do you understand the vocabulary?
Do you understand what’s being asked?

Step 2:
Highlight the question & the important information (data).

Step 3:
Using your ruler, draw a line through the information that you don’t need.

Step 4:
(A) Copy the question (exactly as it appears) into your notebook.
e.g. “How many CDs does Simon have?”

Step 5:
(B) Copy the information/data into your notebook.
Use point form. Keep it simple!

Step 6:
(C) Choose an operation and solve. Now reflect/estimate: Does your answer “look right”?

Step 7:
(D) Rewrite the answer the form of a statement.
e.g. “Simon has 68 CDs.”

Now try it on your own!

A Word of Advice:
I encourage you to copy, print & paste these instructions into your child’s math notebook. Posting these steps on the wall in your child’s homework area is a great idea too!


One response to “>MATH: How to Solve Word Problems

  1. >This looks great. I'll try this with my son in the new school year and let you know how it goes.

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