>Questions To Ask Your Child’s Teacher

>“18 Great Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher!
(Instructions: read – print – bring to your child’s first interview of the year)

  1. What are my child’s strengths and needs as you see them in the classroom?
  2. What specific concepts and skills are being taught this year (in each subject area)? What do you hope my daughter achieves this year both socially and academically?
  3. Does my daughter seem under or over active?
  4. What are her organizational skills like?
  5. Does she have a good/positive attitude in the classroom?
  6. Does she like to participate in class? Does she contribute during discussions and build on the ideas of others?
  7. Is she an active listener?
  8. How well does she follow instructions?
  9. Is she able to stay on task until the work is done?
  10. Does she try her best & take pride in her work?
  11. Does she accept constructive criticism?
  12. Does she work well independently?
  13. Does she work well in groups?
  14. Does she have friends? Who does she spend most of her time with?
  15. Does she share?
  16. Does she seem happy? Does she like school?
  17. How can we work together to make this a great year? What can I do at home?
  18. & finally: “What’s the best way to reach you?” (Personal Note: I prefer to be reached by email. Why? Well, I don’t always have access to a phone and I like to get back to parents ASAP. With email, I can get back to you during the lunch hour or in the wee hours of the morning (as I am not a good sleeper…. hahahahaha … sob/tear). & don’t forget to inform your child’s teacher as to the best way to reach you! In the end it’s all about teamwork!!!!!!!

These are all great questions so ask away! (& don’t forget to bring a pencil and paper to record the answers! … of course, we can always give you one as well!)


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