>A Fly on the Classroom Wall!

Teaching can truly be, and quite often is, an amazing experience ….

December 2009


This blog is for ….

This blog is in response to those parents who have so often walked into my classroom and said (in passing):

“You know … I don’t know how you do it. I really wish that I could be a fly on your classroom wall …”

This blog is for those who are looking for support and advice … Who believe in creating a partnership between home and school ….

I am starting this blog to fill what I now assume to be a gap in the system …

It is in response to the questions that I get asked every day of every year by parents: the parents who have often wished to be “a fly on my classroom wall”.

Every week I get asked some pretty great questions … questions that deserve honest, direct, immediate answers …

… answers which are more often than not a simple mixture of common sense, experience and education … and often in that very order …

And so … welcome …

PS Please be aware that my opinions on each matter are just that: “My Opinions” … Well, my experienced, educated opinions .. no more and no less. … They are from the person who spends each and every day with your children, my students, as I mentor, and we learn from one another …


2 responses to “>A Fly on the Classroom Wall!

  1. >I like the title of this blog, "A Fly on the Wall" I found the questions to ask teachers very helpful, thank you!

  2. >Thanks Megan! … I always try to address these questions during interviews … They just seem like good common sense to … They are also the things that I'd be interested in knowing if I had I child in "my class". Cheers. Ally

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